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About The Parent Cooperative Community

Carla DeRosePCC was founded in 1997 after countless hours of late night and weekend discussions between like minded parents of adoptive children with special needs. These parents were peers and fellow service providers…. physical therapists, occupational therapists, credentialed teachers, professors, licensed therapists, psychiatrists and more. We found that while our children were individuals, the challenges they faced in the community were similar; and the challenges we faced towards meeting their needs were similar. The service interventions our children were receiving from usual community providers (education, mental health, medical, social services, recreational, religious etc.) were significantly behind scientific research in quality, kind, frequency and duration.

Our children were struggling; our families were suffering from trying to coordinate with multiple service providers from all over the community … while dealing with the unique challenges faced by families who include multiply impacted children from difficult beginnings. Over time, the discussions became dreams, then goals of developing a cooperative where we pooled our personal and professional resources towards meeting the needs of our collective children.

We use the principles of Trust Based Relational Interventions and focus on building character, competence, self-regulation and bonding. Our children are educated in small groups with a plethora of accommodations to insure they are able to meet their learning potential. They participate in daily tapping, brain gym, aerobic exercise and sensory diets. During any given week, each child receives between eight and twelve hours of clinical intervention time. Learning, processing, sensory-motor, speech and physical therapy interventions occur consistent with scientific research regarding optimal kind, frequency and duration (all under the supervision of licensed and credentialed professionals). This site offers information about what we are doing today at The Parent Cooperative Community. Unfortunately. It does not give browsers an adequate picture of the heart, soul, and labor invested every day by parents on behalf of the children we love.

As a founder, I am so proud and blessed to be a part of what goes on here daily. Our children are healing, growing and learning. Our families are developing skills and resources. Most importantly, we are a community. Children and parents have peers (who’ve experienced similar challenges) to connect with in good times and in hard times. Graduates of ten years regularly stop in to offer support and inspiration, or receive it. Involved families celebrate birthdays and holidays together. Our kids have slumber parties. They camp and vacation together with peers and adults who understand them, know how to support them, love them and celebrate them.
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