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Law Enforcment
Sheriff, Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911
Sacramento County Sheriff's Child Abuse Bureau: (916) 874-2677

Mental Health Crisis Intervention
If you believe there is a mental health crisis situation but are uncertain how to proceed, contact the Crisis center staff at this 24-hour line.
Phone number: (888) 881-4881

Suicide Prevention Crisis Line
Phone number: (916) 368-3111

Poison Control
Contact for possible poisoning for all persons. Phone number: (800) 876-4766

Crisis Hotlines
California Youth Crisis Line: (800) 843-5200
Child Abduction Unit, District Attorney: (916) 874-8750

Emergency Shelter for 12-24 year olds in crisis or homeless
Phone number for 12-18 year olds (800) 339-7177
Phone number for 18-24 year olds (916) 561-4900

Placer County Crisis Resolution Center provides a toll-free 24-hour telephone number (available to teens and family members residing in Placer County only) for referrals, personal support, advice and counsel to teens and parents/caregivers/guardians in crisis.  Support Hotline: 866-251-7584
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Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health works to improve mental health through biomedical research on mind, brain, and behavior. They have published a booklet on Treatment of Children with Mental Disorders which answers to frequently asked questions about the treatment of mental disorders in children -- and includes a medications chart. It is available online here.

ACCESS team:
The primary entry point to County Mental Health services for all adults and children. This team provides information and referral services for all children’s mental health services, such as out patient counseling, psychological evaluations medication reviews and/or consultation, after school services, case management services for children in residential treatment facilities, and crisis foster homes.  A child with Medi-Cal eligibility is eligible for free services provided through the ACCESS team.

For Sacramento County:
To request a referral in Sacramento County, call (916) 875-9980.

List of mental health MediCal providers:

For Placer County:
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The North American Council on Adoptable Children operates an Adoption Subsidy Resource Center that provides profiles on each state's subsidy programs, including definitions of special needs, other eligibility criteria and contact representatives.

For California, click here. See also their information on U.S. tax credit for adoptive families.

Adoptive Families, the online adoption and parenting guide, has provided trusted adoption information and inspiration to families for over 30 years.
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Sensory Processing website for author of The Out of Sync Child, Carol Kranowitz Sensory problem solving stories practice for kids on line infant massage videos Information about Sensory Processing Disorder, resources and information about finding an OT provider.

Purchasing weighted blankets:
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Attachment/Bonding Experts

Dr. Karyn Purvis at TCU, Texas Institute of Child Development. If you have recently adopted or you are considering adopting a child from Haiti or some other environment that could be considered a "hard place" for a child, Dr. Karyn Purvis, Director of The Institute of Child Development at TCU, offers some tips for parents and caregivers to help your child overcome the effects of trauma, neglect or abuse and to aid in your child's journey of healing.

Daniel Hughes, Ph.D has specialized in the treatment of children who manifest serious deficits in their emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development, and at the same time demonstrate considerable difficulty establishing and maintaining secure attachment relationships. Dr. Hughes' treatment is family based and focused on facilitating the child's ability to establish a secure attachment with his/her caregivers.

Foster Cline, psychiatrist and physician, author of many books on parenting and dealing with troubled children and their families. Parenting with Love and Logic and Parenting Teens with Love and Logic are among the nation's best selling parenting books, and have been translated into six foreign languages. Founder of Love & Logic which provides training materials that teach the unique Love and Logic approach to raising children.

Deborah Hage is a lecturer, author, therapist and therapeutic foster mother. She lectures nationwide and in Canada on bonding and attachment as well as techniques which, when added to normal parenting styles, have a positive effect on children who are behaviorally problematic. Her presentations include information on how to make it more fun to be a parent and to make children more fun to be around, as well as when to hang on and when to let go, "Parenting With Pizazz".

ATTACh Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children
ATTACh recognizes and promotes healthy attachment and its critical importance to human development. An educator and promotor of attachment theory and services, ATTACh is an association of professionals and families who care about healthy attachment and are dedicated to helping those with attachment difficulties.

Dr. Steven Gray is a pediatric neuropsychologist who specializes in early childhood maltreatment. He brings unique humor and help to serious issues including children suffering from symptoms of early trauma. He offers expertise in a range of treatment options, including neurofeedback and when medications are recommended. Dr. Gray is the author of several books including The Maltreated Child: Finding What Lurks Beneath and Motivating Marvin: Helping Your Bright Underachiever Succeed in School.

Holly van Guilden is a therapist, author and parent by both birth and adoption, and an expert in ways parents can build trust and develop healthy attachments with their children. Holly is the co-director of the Adoptive Family Counseling Center in Minneapolis. She has co-authored the popular book Real Parents, Real Children: Parenting the Adopted Child.

Nancy Verrier is the well known author of The Primal Wound and more recently, Coming Home to Self: The Adopted Child Grows Up. Nancy is a mother by birth and by adoption. Her extensive career, as a therapist working with adoped children, adoptive parents, and birth parents that have relinquished children for adoption, makes her a tremendous resource for all those who compose the adoption triad.

Webinar access to some of the above listed folks as well as other webinar classes:
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Child Welfare

Overview of Child Welfare - Adapted by Heart to Heart’s parent organization, Help One Child, from Santa Clara County's parent's guide to child welfare system.

Foster Parent Questions - Questions to ask when you consider taking a foster child.

Terms - Glossary of child welfare system terms compiled by the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency and provided by Heart to Heart’s parent organization, Help One Child.

Sacramento County list of standardized abbreviations: Abbreviations and Acronyms rev 07-09-13.pdf
Definitions of  acronyms used by Sacramento County.
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Therapeutic Parenting

On line therapeutic parenting instruction

The Three Pillars of Trauma Informed Care: For a list of TBRI trained professionals go to the Resources section and click on Professionals Who Have Been Trained in TBRI. TBRI Training DVDs are available for purchase at

Theraplay Therapeutic parenting information and training for parents: Excellent short video clips on a host of therapeutic parenting strategies and techniques


PACT: Educator and adoptive parent Debra Delulio Jones has great information as well as an excellent blog

Information and resources organized by a large list of topics

Several workbooks for foster/adopted children and youth on such topics as empowering them to answer questions about adoption or being in foster care.
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